Active ingredients

Only the best ingredients

PharmacyLine is formulated by selected active ingredients with intensive moisturizing properties and vitamins that are essential for a well-nourished skin. The products are based on effective, thoroughly-tested ingredients of clinically proven high performance. 

Ingredients with scientifically documented effect

The PharmacyLine products are developed to target specific skin care issues such as strech marks, acne skin and lightening and age spot depigmentation - and are based on ingredients with scientifically documented effect.

The Perla Lotion, developed for the prevention of strech marks and other skin irregularities, contains eg. RegestrilTM which is scientifically reported to visibly reduce the debt of stretch mark by up to 72 %. 

Aloederm Face Lotion, developed for acne-prone skin contains the blend of ingredients, ac. netTM. ac netTM has been clinically proven to be effective on many forms of acne and skin blemishes by reducing the oil and sebum production of the skin that creates acne.

Evita Bright Lotion, which is suitable for skin lightening and age spot depigmentation, contains MELASLOW™, a blend of ingredients (Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract, Glycerin) which helps to promote complexion lightening and age spot depigmentation and is clinically proven to lighten the skin in six weeks.*

*Research studies conducted by Sederma SAS (member of Croda International Plc), France.

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